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Russian forest.
Russian forest.

 In the market of production and supply of timber company "Seven Stars" is present since 2002.

 During this time the company has accumulated rich experience and extensive client base not only in the domestic market consumption of these products, but also abroad.

 Since 2007, the company is "Seven Stars" has its own forest resources base in Bodaibo district, Irkutsk region.

 Forest raw material base is on the federal highway Taksimo - Bodaybo. Has a total area - 26,000 ha and timber - 1,200,000 cubic meters

The species composition of wood:
1. larch: 40%;
2. Cedar: 30%;
3. Angarsk pine: 20%;
4. other species (black birch, aspen ...): 10%.

 Given the growing conditions of the forest, wood quality is very high. Suffice it to say that the density of larch from our base rates is above 20% on average, than larch from the Ural and Arkhangelsk regions. So things are and cedar, and pine.

 The company "Seven Stars" focuses mainly on the production neobraznoy board, edged board and lumber. High demand products made of cedar and larch.

 To date, the Company established a supply of their products to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria (Latakia). Sent there products are mainly made of cedar.

 Products made of larch are very popular and, accordingly, we have shipped to European countries: Austria, Italy, Germany and France.

 Angarsk pine in demand mainly in the domestic market. Supply of this wood, our company carries out primarily in the Moscow region, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region and Stavropol.                


Dear friends!

Our company offers its customers not only quality service but also an extensive system of discounts. The size of discounts depends on the service or product purchased by you, as well as the frequency of your orders.

For example, any client who applied to our company again, may have to rely on a 5% discount on the price offered by us. Then it all depends on the seasonal drop in prices and regular sales and discounts.

 We offer you a diverse range of products manufactured from both softwood and hardwood trees that grew in the Russian North and Central Russia.

Pine: Bryansk, Tver, Kemerevo, Irkutsk

 Spruce: Bryansk, Tver, Kemerevo, Irkutsk

 Tree: Bryansk, Tver, Kemerevo, Irkutsk

 Birch: Bryansk, Tver, Kemerevo, central Russia, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Irkutsk

 Listvinitsa: Kemerovo, Angara, Irkutsk

 Cedar: Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk

Here you can find all the necessary forest timber for construction and finishing works. There is no need to make reservations for dozens of companies to buy all the materials needed for construction. We offer everything that may be required for any phase of construction: board, edged board, untrimmed board, cabins, wall paneling, floor boards, moldings and other wood products, both standard sizes and custom made.


Buying lumber from our company - is to ensure every construction site an excellent building material, because all of our sales in the wood products have certificates of quality.

 We sell in bulk. We deliver to the door or construction site, our transport, providing the most careful treatment in transit.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

 Attention! Price on the site, listed on the timber of wood: pine, and birch tree.

 The price is delivery to the customer in Poland.

 Prices, availability, delivery time on products you are interested you can find out by calling or writing the letter.

 The products which are not the prices - call us!

All additional information you can contact our managers by calling us at (48) 602 710 668 or send an email to e-mail: zvezdsem@yandex.ru ;  drewno.tarcica@gmail.com ; biuro@dekor.poznan.pl

 Note: The wood of pine, has the quality to turn blue.

 Bulletin board and begins to turn blue in spite of the fact that you posted it on the pads and hid, in fact, even during transport to the construction site of the customer in the car closed material can sometimes dark.
Especially in this process is subject to section 100х25 small board, 150х25 sometimes and very rarely 150х40 board. Because of this, disputes often arise between supplier and customer. Many whimsical Residents / Clients not Domecq, which is a darkening of the property and freshly felled pine sawn material from the building and its function as a material board or board does not lose.

Incidentally there is some positive moments. There is a "Natural Selection" board, that is, it will be possible to know what the board and where you want to put in the building process, because some boards unscrew the sun and they can be put and let the rough work (decking, wood, rough sex, etc.), the rest of the longer boards will lie the more "weight" of the material will gain.



Edged board
Edged board


Bruce - this is a log, sawn, or sawn on four sides with a thickness of 100 mm or more. It is widely used for the construction of wooden houses, windows, stairs and other elements of the house out of wood. Our company offers you a timber of its own manufacture, made of coniferous wood (fir, pine, larch). Raw materials that we choose for our lumber only the highest quality - this tree softwood premium.

Edged board - timber is cut, carved out of logs and opilennaya around the edges so that it does not bark at the side edges. I cut the width of the board, as a rule, more than twice the thickness. Cut timber more in demand in the construction market than the mill, the spectrum of its scope is much wider - this external work and interior decoration of houses, floors, and much more.

Unedged board - a board that has not sawdust or sawdust is partially edge. It is most often used for making different decks, siding, sheathing the roof elements of the supporting structures and other works, where there are no special requirements for the appearance.

Flooring - a traditional type of flooring is very reliable and durable and are easy to installation. Our board is made by us on the German equipment that complies with all European quality standards. The tree, which we choose for our boards, premium and absolutely clean, and our prices are considerably lower than the average.

Batten - a wooden board planed natural moisture, which has the same profile, tongue and groove connections on a plane. It is used as a decorative finishing material for wall cladding, ceilings, doors and interior decoration.

 Lining - high-quality lining, made in accordance with European standards of manufacturing and meets stringent quality standards.

The block house - a kind of wall wood paneling, which is the original imitation of round logs, but unlike the latter does not crack and has a perfect surface, so the most common material used for decoration. This material is designed to furnish both exterior and interior walls of buildings and facilities, as well as ceilings, gables and balconies country cottages. A large block house looks great from the outside of the building and is widely used for the manufacture of timber frame houses.

Molded products - production of wood is treated in the planing and profiling equipment. Moldings - when they are used as material for the finishing baths, saunas, and any other premises - it is very beautiful. These include: fillet, plinth, flat strips, trim, window glazing bead, bead door, art prints, Nagel, outer corner, blocks, balls, sills, cable channels, bathroom accessories, shelves, skirting euro and other products.

Round logs.
Round logs.

Round logs. For the construction of wooden buildings and facilities, we offer round logs with a diameter of 18 to 28-40 cm

Round logs along the entire length (6 meters) has a constant diameter, clean, planed surface and a pronounced texture. At each log is milled longitudinal groove. Typically, the width of the groove is 50% of the diameter of the logs, but according to the customer can choose any size. On the opposite side of the longitudinal groove is a longitudinal propyl logs to a depth of 20 - 35 mm depending on the diameter of the logs, which serves to relieve the stresses in the upper layers of logs for shrinkage, and reduce the possibility of cracking. After cylindering beam is treated with antiseptic and stored in the shed for atmospheric drying. Cup slots are chosen in a log on a separate machine with three calyx cutters in accordance with the design documentation.

Log-houses and baths. To date, we offer all types of log cabins and bath houses, which are produced as a by your draft or drafts "by hand" and the projects proposed by us. And also the whole range of manufacturing and design houses or baths.

Siberian forest.
Siberian forest.

Description of the main coniferous breeds of wood

Breed and its main properties - wood of average density, rather high durability, resistant against rotting and defeat by a fungus, is well processed. It is especially appreciated in construction because of small quantity of knots and small change of diameter on length of a trunk.
External signs - yadrovy breed with pitch courses (are concentrated mainly in late wood). A sapwood wide from yellowish to pink color. Year layers are well visible on all cuts with a clear boundary between early and late wood. Beams aren't visible to Serdtsevinnye.


Breed and its main properties - on physicomechanical properties (in case of compression along fibers and a static bend) yields density, hardness, durability to a pine (approximately for 10 %), but on quality coefficient exceeds it for 3-4 % a little. Wood is more difficultly processed because of an abundance of knots and their increased hardness. Advantages: the structure unilaterality, long fibers, steady white color, small gummosity, a high capability to resound.
External signs - breed bezjyadrovy, spelodrevesny, has not numerous pitch courses. Wood of homogeneous white color, sometimes with a weak yellowish or pink shade. Year layers are well visible on all cuts; late wood differs from early more dark color a little. Beams aren't visible to Serdtsevinnye. Unlike a pine has larger knots located verticils between which single knots of the smaller sizes come across.


Breed and its main properties - wood, being dried up, it is poorly subject to decay; well resists to effect of water.
External signs - year layers are well looked through in case of all cuts. The larch trunk for 70 % consists of a kernel which is sharply allocating on properties and color. The Yadrovy part of wood contain the main part of the substances giving to a larch increased firmness. Dark. A sapwood at a larch of narrow, 8-20 mm, 25-30 % from wood pulp. Light.


FIR Siberian
Breed and its main properties - wood with considerably lowered physicomechanical properties in comparison with fir-tree wood. In construction practically it is not used.
External signs - breed bezjyadrovy, with ripe wood; it is similar to fir-tree wood from which differs lack of pitch courses; homogeneous white color. Year layers are visible on all cuts; late wood differs from early more dark color. Large knots are located verticils between which small single knots meet.


CEDAR (pine cedar) 
Breed and its main properties wood soft, easy, is easily processed. On physicomechanical properties is intermediate between fir-tree and fir wood, but exceeds them on firmness against rotting. Durability in case of compression and a static bend is lower for 4-5 % in case of the density equal to density of wood ate
External signs - wood has a kernel light-and flesh-colored color, isn't sharply delimited from a wide yellow-white sapwood. Year layers appreciable, transition from early wood to late gradual, shaded. It is less than pitch courses, than at a pine, but they larger. Beams aren't visible to Serdtsevinnye.


    We love what we do, we respect your work and appreciate your attention.



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transportation of our products.
transportation of our products.


 Price discussed! The final price, after filling out an application in our form.

 The application can ask for a quotation from our managers by phone: (48) 602710668 (conversation in Polish) or send us a SMS,or send an email to e-mail: biuro@dekor.poznan.pl (in any language)

 We deliver the goods, their cars or rail, at the address specified in the application and contract.